Sunora Swimwear is a new Brand created in 2020. Sunora it’s part of a dream come true, wich with a lot of effort, and dedication was created. The objective of Sunora Swimwear is to satisfy the female public, and provide them with confidence, and security when buying our products.
In Sunora Swimwear, despite being a new company, all of our products have been well selected, and carefully inspected to provide the best satisfaction to our customers. Our products are created with the best quality in the market, and we will always try to keep that goal as our mission. In our company we offer models showing style, freshness, and at the same time, will provide confidence to our female customers.
We combine in our varied selection, different models of pieces for all kinds of tastes and ages. We strive to maintain the trends of the moment, but we never forget the classic models that the public has kept in their preference through the years.
When buying our products, you will feel the difference and the exclusivity, of wearing something new and unique.
In Sunora Swimwear, we do not discriminate in age, weight or figure. We offer a varied selection for all tastes, life  moments, ages, and physical figure. Our goal is to reach all levels of the female public, give them the confidence that every female being is beautiful inside and out.
In general, Sunora Swimwear will always give the best of itself, and we treat everyone like our own family. Sunora Swimwear will make our customers feel happy, pleased, and above all, confident when they wear our products.
We invite you to visit our site, and enjoy our selection.
Best Regards 
Sunora LLC.